Welcome to Deep Space '94! This BBS is still fairly new, so mind the dust! There are a number of ways to connect to this BBS.

  • The best way is to connect directly via telnet or ssh to deepspace94.com. I recommend using SyncTERM or NetRunner.
  • You can also use the HTML5 telnet client embedded above. This is good in a pinch, although the mobile experience leaves something to be desired.
  • Finally, you can navigate most of the BBS (including door games!) directly through this web page. Use the menu bar at the top to log in and navigate. Some functionality may be missing as opposed to the telnet experience.

This BBS focuses on classic online doors such as Legend of the Red Dragon and Trade Wars 2002. We also have discussion areas for retrogaming, Raspberry Pi hacking, and southwestern Indiana nostalgia/812 bbs scene memories plus whatever eclectric stuff the sysop finds interesting this week.

We have fifteen online door games through BBSlink and participate in both the BBSlink and DOVE-Net message networks.

- deepthaw